The Science

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[testimonial image=”” name=”BJ Casey” company=”Professor of Psychology, Yale University”] “The beauty of brain imaging is that you can see the behaving brain.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial image=”” name=”Dr. Adriana Galvan” company=”Head of Developmental Neuroscience Lab, UCLA”] “The discovery that the prefrontal cortex keeps developing
until the mid-twenties has been really influential in juvenile justice.” [/testimonial]

[testimonial image=”” name=”Kim Taylor-Thompson” company=”Professor of Clinical Law, NYU”] “As a country, we’ve grappled with the ways that
we distinguish kids from adults, for hundreds of years.”

[testimonial image=”” name=”Dr. Cara Altimus” company=”Former National Institute of Justice Fellow and Neuroscientist, Author of “Neuroscience Has the Power to Change the Criminal Justice System”] “We need neuroscience involved in the criminal justice system.”  [/testimonial]

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